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February 27, 2009


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OMG That is SO GROSS. But you realize that this post is just an invitation to the universe to give you something EVEN GROSSER to deal with, right?


I often request the shitting section at Olive Garden. It's just more convienent. This story beats all of Mark's poo stories! KUDOS!


haha! people like YOU are the reason i don't eat at places like olive garden, they are basically troughs for consumerist pigs with no compassion or empathy.


We had fruit flies in our OG, and I complained on the main company site and got a sizable gift card for my pain and suffering.
I can't imagine how large a gift card they would need to send YOU.


Came over here from Mandajuice and just had to say this is the most disturbing/hilarious story I have ever read.


I don't think I can ever bring myself to go to Olive Garden again. Gross, Funny but Gross.




I think it's funny to read this because I just had some lady poo her pants in the store I worked at and I walked in on her naked in our bathroom trying to clean herself up.

I'm glad this happens to other pople.


aHAHAHA! That made me laugh so hard I nearly crapped my pants.


Oh, cripes how freaking self-centered can you be? *You* were traumatized? And not an ounce of compassion for the man who must not only be terribly humiliated from the incident, but from the breakdown of his body?

Serves you right for eating at a disgusting trough like the Olive Garden. May you continue to receive what you deserve.


My first thought was that poor man. And who would allow others to walk thru it without a "watch out!"


I have to agree with 12ontheinside, Allie, thunder, and especially Dendra. This post is extremely mean-spirited. Have you no compassion for your fellow human beings? He's a person, just like you; something like this could happen to ANY of us. Your post is also very self-centered. You think this man had a horribly humiliating accident IN PUBLIC because of YOUR bad karma?!? Good grief!


wow dats gross i lik never knew there wuz plp dat fuckin gross

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