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    Hi! Thanks for stopping by... I'm a stay at home/work at home mom to my adorable daughter, Kendall! Many posts will be about her, but many posts will be about "going green!" Look for "green" book reviews and product reviews coming soon!
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March 06, 2009


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When you have a kid you can't really take a "potty break". Poo stories are part of our everyday lives. Hell, I could tell at least 2 TODAY! My vote is for more poo!


You CONSUMERIST PIG! I don't care if it WAS your 40th birthday, how DARE YOU BUY SOCKS!


Your blogging card officially has its first punch cut. Congrats and welcome to the club!

And if anyone really dares to question your compassion for the elderly, we can just march their asses across the street and see what Rosie has to say about it.

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